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(Tune:  Onward Christian Soldiers)

By:  Mrs. Mary D. King


Onward march Southeastern,With your banner high!

Lifting as we climb up.  Life’s most rugged side;

We are not discouraged,  For so well we know

God is in the climbing, As we onward go.



Onward march Southeastern, with your banners high!

We are not discouraged, For God’s on our side.


Lifting men and women little children too;

From the depths of misery  to a throne of good

Underprivileged humans, Delinquent boys and girls,

We will lift them upward, To the throne of God.


We will blot out Ignorance, Misery, Want, Fear;

By our institutions, Fostered and Maintained,

The women of Southeastern are determined ones

To see that education is given every one.

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